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Mainly a B.A.P & U-kiss scenario blog. Requests for any Kpop idol are welcome! Enjoy and let us know what you think. ^^

<3 Jae, Jina, Mina & EunMi
Oct 22 '12

CD Giveaway Contest Rules for Kpop Boys Scenarios!!!

We will be choosing one winner. The contest will close Monday, Nov 5th. We recommend you get your submission in a day before. We will be announcing a winner the following Monday  Nov. 12th. 

This time you write a scenario for us!!! YAY! We will pick the one we like the most and post it on our site. (This means you can’t submit as anonymous.) Sorry :(


1. Write a Scenario for any group/member that we have previously wrote a scenario for.

2. Submit your scenario in our submission box along with your first name and city/state or country (if you are not from the USA) that you live in.

3. You must use the scenario intro that we posted below, build your story from there.

4. You will win the most recent mini album for the group/member that you write your scenario about. (Ex. write about Ukiss= win the Ukiss Stop Girl 7 mini album.)

5. Cross your fingers and feel free to ask us any questions about the contest.

6. We love all of you!!!

Scenario intro:

You were clumsy; of that you were fully aware. Working your part time job as a coffee shop barista, you often dropped and ran into absolutely everything. There was never any serious injury risk…until now. Scalding hot water ran down your hand and wrist as you lost your grip on the cup.

"Damn it." Wincing in pain, you grabbed your arm.

It was then that he reacted. You didn’t see his face as he guided you back into the kitchen…

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