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Come pull up a chair and stay awhile!

Mainly a B.A.P & U-kiss scenario blog. Requests for any Kpop idol are welcome! Enjoy and let us know what you think. ^^

<3 Jae, Jina, Mina & EunMi
Apr 30 '13

That’s What You Call a Kiss?

*Kevin- Ukiss request for candykhaingmar. We wanted to write a little something where Kevin is more demanding and masculine. Enjoy!*


"I asked for a kiss."

Your eyebrows raised ever so slightly. "Yea, and….

You call that a kiss?

"…Well then what would you call it?"

"Don’t play with me."

His gaze grew darker as the space that separated you was swallowed up by his every step. Painstakingly slow. 

It took too long…

…You met him halfway.

Lips crashing together in a ravenous manner; Taking whatever he would give. Your bare back met with the cold stone wall. Already your shirt was hiked up; hands exploring every curve. 

His touch was hot, searing on contact. You liked that; the burning caress of his hand. Those were flames you were eager to walk through as his touch became more rough. More demanding…Just like his tongue.

"That’s a kiss."

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